Guys Bar Chardonnay

Guys Bar Chardonnay

At Guy’s we take our wine selection very seriously and when possible we like to refresh the Wine List. In January every year we invite our discerning wine drinkers to an evening of Food & Wine where our Wine Supplier introduces his new and exciting wines. These evenings are very important as the customers favourites are put on the menu for the season ahead.

In 2011 I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to taste an excellent Chardonnay from the Nante region in France. I was made aware of it by a good friend Charles who moved to Clifden from this renowned wine producing area. I was slightly apprehensive as the Chardonnay grape would not historically be associated with this region rather the Bourgogne De Melon of Muscadet which although superb can be a little dry for the Irish pallet.

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I found the Chardonnay to be crisp and light and not a bit buttery which we have come to expect from Chardonnay’s but still a little dry. On letting my French Friend know what I thought of the wine I was greeted with a half smile as only French men can do when receiving an opinion on wine from a Connemara Man.

He promptly suggested that we go and meet Claude Michel and if nothing else we would enjoy a few days in the little town of Vallet, the thought of three days tasting wine in the Muscadet Region did not appeal to me at all.

Shanes ChardonnayTwo weeks later while sitting in his “ Petit Chateau “ when I told the young wine maker  that his Chardonnay was a little too dry I was not surprised to receive the same half smile, obviously a French thing.

When the creases on his face eventually receded he was kind enough to enlighten me as to why the Irish Pallet differs to that of our French Friends, simply “ Climate “, very dry wines and cold weather do not sit well together, it makes perfect sense.

So, Claude Michel, Charles and I blended a delightful little Chardonnay which is crisp and light yet balanced with fruit.

Please try it when you come in, we promise not to give you the half smile.

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